from Frederick, MD i bought the SE hatchback model with 5 spd. As far as amenities go, the base S model has air conditioning, power locks, manual windows, and a four-speaker AM/FM stereo. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium Hatchback 4D. That being said this is not a family car! 15-inch steel wheels are standard, while 15- and 16-inch alloy wheels are optional. Ford has simplified and streamlined their trim levels for the Fiesta in 2013, bringing them more in line with the rest of the Ford lineup. See pricing for the Used 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium Hatchback 4D. We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. So while it sounds like it will fall out, it's just loud. Off the mark, I've seen Turbo's that are slower. on Sat Nov 15 2014. They have replaced the transmission twice. I do wish Ford would dump the Duratec and start offering a small EcoBoost as the standard engine. If there was a better tune and transmission I'd give this car 3.8 of 5.0. Overall this is a fuel efficient commuter that serves my purpose very well. Small cars don't need to be bland--the 2013 Ford Fiesta proves that with a saucy look and pert handling. This is not a car that you want to spend too much time in if you are 5 foot ten or more. The car is very temperamental and it feels as if it will stall at any moment. Search from 16 USED Ford Fiestas for sale, including aCertified 2016 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan, aCertified 2017 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback, and aUsed 2011 Ford Fiesta … The back seat is very small. Both are available in S, SE and Titanium trim levels. Did you? Access them anywhere. This car gave me nothing but trouble. With the MotorTrend Fair Market Price (powered by IntelliChoice), get a better idea of what you’ll pay after negotiations including destination, taxes, and fees. by M. Ryan The powertrain offers some perks not usually found in the class, such as a dual-clutch automatic transmission, and the interior with its available features raises the Fiesta up to the class of many midsize vehicles. Only if you stomp if to the floor will you get moving at a decent pace. These were under ideal conditions and with the addition of a 2inch full flow Magna Flow Exhaust. Both these problems have been checked out by the dealer and the throttle body was cleaned, at no cost to me. As the base model, this is aimed at those who don't need much more than a usable car and anyone who is looking to have a vehicle for a long time would be better off springing for the SE model. by J The former is one of the best stopping distances in the class, while the latter is one of the worst. The speakers tend to modulate when the volume is too high. The front ends on both body styles are similar, with the headlights sweeping away from a small grille back in to the fenders. The hatchback gets a barely-noticeable liftgate spoiler standard, while the sedan has an optional decklid spoiler at the higher trim levels. The 2013 Ford Fiesta is a great car, and we’re sure you’d enjoy driving one. Both body styles can be ordered in one of three trim levels, S, SE and Titanium. from Marlton, NJ Ford resurrected an old name for its subcompact car when the Fiesta returned to the U.S. for the 2011 model year. Research the 2013 Ford Fiesta at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. I should mention the cloth seats which, according to Ford, are made from recycled material. Finally, the Titanium trim level includes almost everything available on the SE, as well as leather seating and special edition color schemes. The updated version of the Ford Fiesta, Britain’s favourite car, went on sale in early 2013 with sharper styling and a host of new technological features. All and all I think we made a good purchase considering my husband is loading the miles up that it will probably be traded in once the loan is paid off. View local … Combined with an electric power steering system that is responsive while providing a good amount of feedback and a suspension that handles the bumps of everyday driving quite smoothly, the Fiesta is a wonderfully nimble vehicle around town while it is steady on the highway. The 2013 Ford Fiesta comes standard with all the usual safety features found cars rolling off the assembly lines today. Save cars. I change my oil every 7,500klms regardless. Back to 2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Ford Fiesta S Hatchback For Sale Overview No cruise control, not even automatic windows. The car has 24,000 miles on it now. Ford has simplified and streamlined their trim levels for the Fiesta in 2013, bringing them more in line with the rest of the Ford lineup. See pricing for the Used 2013 Ford Fiesta S Hatchback 4D. This maybe a turn off for many so I can completely see people going for the manual. I drive on I80 and I really have to be careful in this car. It seems that ford really dropped the ball on quality in the transmission and by not fitting a small turbo to round out the torques at lower RPMs it makes for some scary situations. I hope somebody will do a class action. The Radio sounds great at reasonable volumes. I'm not a fan of the 1.6 liter Duratec but Ford insists on offering it as their base engine. A new Titanium trim replaces the top Fiesta trims, and Ford says the regrouped content offerings now more closely match buying patterns. Like David Hasselhoff, this tiny car is a big hit in Europe, where it’s been on sale for years, but Americans’ affection for subcompacts and permed ’80s icons is a fickle thing. The 2013 Ford Fiesta sedan has 12.8 cubic feet of trunk space, which is good for a small car. 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Fold down the back seats, remove the privacy screen and you can get a surprising amount of stuff in it. Considering selling after repairs are done. the 1.4 litre engine is … … Overall, the hatchback looks sporty while the sedan looks pedestrian. Instead it took 10 days. I don't drive very much. The Valvoline is tending to get dirty a bit quick but that could be due to the fact that I do stop start and short distances. Instead concentrate on the places we actually rest on while door sills.) See the Best Used Car Deals » We Did the Research for You: 48 Reviews … in all tests. The 2012 Ford Fiesta comes as four door sedan or five door hatchback, all with the same 120 hp 1.6-liter four cylinder engine. We got the Eco engine as well, and it has a 2 or 3 second acceleration delay which is a real problem when doing quick pull out's into traffic. transmission. Given the low weight of the vehicle, this allows for perky performance from both the six-speed automatic and the six-speed manual, although it is not particularly quick, taking nearly 10 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour from a standing start. The brakes are good, maybe too good, as the car tends to nosedive on abrupt stops. I've owned a lot of small cars and this one ranks somewhere in the middle. Does the Fiesta have what it takes to make it in the U.S.? You will have a hard time beating Priuses off the line. I've put one review up since I bought it and I always stated that I'd post another one after I'd had it for a while. Find out why the 2013 Ford Fiesta is rated 7.6 by The Car Connection experts. A CD Player and a leather-wrapped shift knob are available as parts of packages. After owning this car less then 24 hrs we heard transmission noise....Would not recommend buying this car. Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. Both are functional and blessed with strong character lines, befitting the savvy young buyers Ford is after. on Sat Feb 22 2020. Did you? What makes it a fun vehicle to drive is the handling, which is well-balanced and comfortable without giving up on performance. Standard Cat. The sedan has room for 12.8 cubic feet of luggage in the trunk, a bit small for the class, while the hatchback has 15.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second seat, with 26 cubic feet of cargo space when the second row is folded down. Another common problem with smaller Ford vehicles is the blend door actuator which causes a knocking for 5 to 20 seconds when the A/C is turned on or off, but it's supposed to be a $60 fix if you go to the right place. The cabin is quiet and the engine purrs along pretty smoothly. I'm a rather large man so I was concerned about the interior room however by adjusting the seats and the steering wheel I was able to find a comfortable driving position without much of a problem. from Altoona, PA Electric pwr steering is precise and comfortable. Here it is. The transmission is currently being replaced. The 2013 Ford Fiesta has performed quite well in crash tests. you'll feel the steel in the seats after a little while. We bought this car about 4 months ago to be my husbands for this 45 minute commute to work one way. I also heard many complaints about Ford's dual clutch automatic so I went with the 5 speed manual. A couple of annoyances. The profile of the hatchback is wedge-like, while the profile of the sedan is fairly average. Don't quote me. The facelifted 2013 Ford Fiesta range lowers consumption, increases equipment and introduces a new nose compared with the outgoing five-year-old model. Did you? The front seat is fine, but the rear seat is severely cramped and only adequate for adults for short trips. I owned a 2013 Ford Fiesta for about 5.5 years while going to school and working. I purchased a 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium HB with a 5 speed manual transmission with a little of 30k. by Dealership Worker While the comfort and look of the car is great it isn't worth a thing because I can't drive it. on Thu Jul 02 2015. by Disgruntled Fiesta Driver 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback Description: Used 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback for sale - $4,500 - 152,500 miles with Steel Wheels Certified Pre-Owned: No on Tue Sep 13 2016. I even transported my sister's wheel chair. on Fri Feb 21 2014. This is UNACCEPTABLE for a new car. Model value: The Fiesta … 2013 Ford Fiesta S Hatchback powered by 1.6-liter Inline-4 Gas Engine with 6-Speed Automatic transmission. Power train transmission had quite a few recalls, especially regarding a shudder upon starting acceleration, however, I did not see much of that in my vehicle. (Entry model) I bought it new. To see what’s new for 2013, click here, or check out a side-by-side comparison of the two model years. The 2012 Ford Fiesta has competitive pricing, great fuel economy and an upscale... Read More. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2013 Ford Fiesta S Hatchback 4D. There's no low end torque what so ever and the engine tops out very quickly in the lower gears. US and Imperial Gallons differ in quantities. transmission. No rattles or squeaks and nothing has fallen off,,,,,,,, yet. The Sonic is made in Lansing while the Fiesta is manufactured in Mexico so I was leaning towards the Sonic. i bought the SE hatchback model with 5 spd. Search from 27 Used Ford Fiesta cars for sale, including a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback, a 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan, and a 2015 Ford Fiesta … Search from 11 Ford Fiesta cars for sale, including a Used 2011 Ford Fiesta S Sedan, a Used 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback, and a Used 2012 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan ranging in price from $3,900 to … The interior is not all that spacious in either the hatchback or sedan version of the 2013 Ford Fiesta. Both are available in S, SE and Titanium trim levels. Technicians and ford video say it is normal. In the rear, the taillights are set high, bleeding up towards the rear pillars. The automatic is a PowerShift dual clutch transmission that, while providing great gas mileage from an automatic transmission, is indecisive at low-speeds and when downshifting is needed. Even though the Ford Fiesta is relatively new to the North American market, it's been building a solid reputation across the rest of the world for nearly four decades. They're very comfortable and easy to clean. from randallstown Md The fuel economy is the best I have ever had. As a result the Fiesta is probably the slowest car I've ever driven. Everything is still relatively ok at 13,600 klms. The 2013 Ford Fiesta subcompact comes in 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback versions. On long trips I easily top 40 mpgs. from Orlando, FL on Mon Jun 25 2018. The repairs were supposed to take a day and now I'm being told more. Log In, by Martinex Very disappointed. The Fiesta is not merely an economy car, as is often associated with the subcompact class. The materials in use are of average quality, mostly durable plastics. See good deals, great deals and more on a USED Ford Fiestas in Jackson, MI. 2013 Ford Fiesta SE I have had several issues with the transmission. from CA/NV on Tue Jun 24 2014. I've driven Mercedes, Lincoln you, audi you name it. I have had this car for a little over a year. The dry clutches for increased fuel economy on the transmission. I think I read where the new ones have a full sized spare. on Wed Apr 09 2014. It was covered by the warranty. Unless you're resting your head on them while driving what's the point? The Continental tyres are wearing well and are comfortable enough, so overall, it's still ok. 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Editor’s note: This review was written in October 2012 about the 2012 Ford Fiesta. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Ford Fiesta in Lansing, MI. I bought this car new in August 2013. the gas mileage is great at approx. It also has many more available options, including heated front seats and satellite radio. Did you? © 2021 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Both body styles have a high, arched roofline, although the shortened greenhouse on the sedan makes this appear a bit less sleek and a bit more bulbous. from New York, Westchester What was supposedly "normal" transmission noise (powershift transmission) was actually poor gear shifts that was ripping apart my transmission. by jnethery One welcome option is the Sync Elements package with the 911 Assist function that automatically connects with a 911 operator in the case of an accident. If you don't mind the occasional hiccup, you're short, or you're a light-weight consider this might be the car for cross town trips and commutes. The Fiesta's color palate is full of big, bright colors, but does have a few safer choices for those who don't want to stick out in the crowd. Check out the standard features and info below to find out what other shoppers think of this car, or just search our inventory … The Focus was a little out of my price range so I reluctantly started looking at the Fiesta and the Chevy Sonic. Ford should refund both the cost of the defective automatic transmission and the high depreciation. Save $2,912 on a 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium Hatchback near you. by BAD CHOICE Keep the revs low and the car rewards you. Titanium hatch model. A power moonroof and power heated side mirrors are also available. I bought my Ford Fiesta manual at the end of March 2013. Glad to be rid of it. Check out ⏩ 2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback ⭐ test drive review: price details, trims, and specs overview, interior features, exterior design, MPG and mileage capacity, dimensions. No spare is annoying but I put alloys on and got a 2nd hand tyre. Fuel economy in these is incredible, the Australian ones anyway. The Fiesta gets better gas mileage and was a little lighter on my wallet so I went with Ford. 35 mpg slightly higher on highway trips. I was determined to buy a fuel efficient car from an American manufacturer. Lineup. at the moment, I use Valvoline Syn Power FE 5W 30 but my next oil change will be Penrite 5 W 40. 17 out of 17 people found this review helpful. by Why Can't They Make A Good Car? The front-wheel drive 2013 Ford Fiesta comes with one available engine, the 1.6-liter, four-cylinder power plant that produces 120 horsepower and 112 lb-ft of torque. I compensated by purchasing a Cab Commander: a saddle bag of sorts which drapes over the passenger seat. The audio system is respectable. Search over 700 listings to find the best local deals. Thankfully it did come with air conditioning. from los angeles, ca There needs to be a bit more padding in the bolsters, if you wight more than 150 lbs. In a fairly surprising move, the exterior of the 2013 Ford Fiesta sedan is not merely the hatchback with a trunk stapled on to the rear end. so far i''ve put 13850 miles on the car … The Fiesta is still available in two body styles, hatchback and sedan. At the time of this review I have had the car for about a month. Sign Up, Already have an account? Not to be confused with the Festiva, the Fiesta was introduced to be a hot hatchback, a sporty subcompact that could provide solid fuel economy and maneuverability in the claustrophobic confines of European cities while also being able to be tuned for performance in the aftermarket. This includes everything the S model has standard and most of its optional equipment, as well as two more speakers, cruise control, power windows, and the Ford SYNC voice-activated connectivity system with USB port. Once the car is up to cruising range (12-15 seconds later) it's not bad. $4,725 - $5,825 Join for Ratings and Reviews The Fiesta is a subcompact that feels like a solid and much more substantial car, while offering a civilized ride and fairly quiet cabin for its class. In a fairly surprising move, the exterior of the 2013 Ford Fiesta sedan is not merely the hatchback with a trunk stapled on to the rear end. Chrome moldings around the beltline are available, and a rear spoiler and LED side marker lights are available in the Sport Appearance package. I use it to hold my phone and various paperwork. Did you? Though there are no significant powertrain upgrades this year for the four-door sedan and hatch, we wouldn't be surprised to see a refresh for 2014. 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Race the engine though and those numbers quickly plummet. The 2013 Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car available in four-door sedan and hatchback body styles. The … The seats are far too thinly appointed. I would move away from the tweeter setup if they're not going to put four speakers (3 way) in the doors. The grilles themselves are different, with the sedan getting the corporate three-bar grille while the hatchback gets a single-opening grille with the Ford oval in the middle and body color surrounds. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, meanwhile, has given the Fiesta their top rating of ?Good? I get that this car is entry level and meant to be inexpensive-not cheap, however. and surprisingly few storage areas. Traction and stability controls, multiple airbags, and anti-lock brakes are all standard, as is an integrated blind-spot mirror. Funds were limited so I went with the no-thrills S Hatchback (thankfully not available in 2014). by Exhaust. This car is definitely interesting. For myself, the car has ample room and it goes like the clappers. Given reliability claims I've been reluctant to really push the engine too hard. What absolutely doesn’t change, however, is … The build quality is good. 35 mpg slightly higher on highway trips. (Friends didn't believe it was a new car.) The 2013 Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car available in four-door sedan and hatchback body styles. The S trim comes with no USB interface (Really ford? The car is light so be mindful on the highway if it's breezy or over speed bumps as the car can get air. I owned a 2013 Ford Fiesta for about 5.5 years while going to school and working. Read consumer reviews from real 2013 Ford Fiesta buyers. Fighting with the dealer now to give it back!!! I would drive close to 60 miles a day commuting, and it was always super reliable. The rear seat is useless so if your planing on hauling a family of five around, look elsewhere. The money I saved purchasing it was spent on constant repairs and maintenance. (half a tank fill up costed $9) For us not having children the tight space was worth it with so little we had to pay for gas. the 1.4 litre engine is adequate and the ride is comfortable for anyone under 6ft. from Brisbane, QLD. from Davenport, Ia The interior is, shall we say, spartan. Replacing the unit (a trick I've done with every car I've owned to avoid the ridiculous dealer markup) is becoming increasing difficult with these stylized dash boards. Transmission noise can greatly lower resale value. View all 58 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2013 Ford Fiesta on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2013 Fiesta. The brakes are adequate but I think the days of rear drums should be numbered. Two, it has an annoying rev up occasionally when I change gears. I bought this car new in August 2013. the gas mileage is great at approx. Door latch, clutch, transmission, air filter, all had constant problems. The Australian ones come out of Thailand. The Ford Fiesta shuffles trims and option packages for 2013. 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. As I mentioned before, the base interior is spartan with hard plastic door sills (dear automakers: save you money on the soft touch dashboards. on Mon Nov 04 2013. I've purchase 50 dollar radios that have USB). The fuel economy was out of this world!!!!! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Fiesta four out of five stars overall, with four stars for frontal protection and five stars for side impact protection. by That2003Cobra Did you? I was told parts would take 2 days to get. 6 out of 6 people found this review helpful. I wanted something really good on gas, but with PA winters we couldn't have him take a Smart car up the mountain. My best figures are 15.7 kpl city and 18 kpl highway (E10 95). While the seats feel cheap in nature (it is base model) the dash, interface and tach all mirror a futuristic feel that brings a very sporty feel to the driver. The hatchback model has 15.4 cubic feet of space, which can expand to 26 cubic feet with the rear seats … Transmission has grinding and rattling noises. I would drive close to 60 miles a day commuting, and it was always super reliable. The price of a used 2013 Ford Fiesta ranges from about $6,900 for a base model to around $9,400 for a Titanium model. Off the mark acceleration is very good. 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback Description: Used 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback for sale - $6,990 - 32,820 miles with Winter Package, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth, Cold Weather Package Certified Pre … We took it to the beach about a month ago and while we were pretty cramped with a 6 hour ride we got 47 MPG even with 3 hours of traffic! Also bumpy shifts with lunging/lurching effect that may greatly lower the resale value of this car. I was told there was a problem with the seat loosing pressure in the Ford Ranger, so Ford knows about it. Little of substance has changed with this year’s model. The transmission (auto) is very noisy but the technology is a dry clutch sealed system which needs service every 100k or so. Used 2013 Ford Fiesta Prices. The Fiesta is still available in two body styles, hatchback and sedan. The front end gets Ford's new trapezoidal grille plus … on Thu Sep 18 2014. All in all for a cheap economy car that's under 15k brand new irs definitely worth looking into. The anti-lock brakes bring the SES with the 16-inch wheels to stop from 60 miles per hour in a mere 119 feet, but they take 136 feet to bring the SE with 15-inch wheels to a stop. The hatchback was a must. One, the driver's seat has to be pumped up every couple of days which is a nuisance but I can live with it. Prices vary depending on the vehicle's condition, mileage, features, and location.
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