Like many, I’ve welcomed these wonderful new bikes with open arms but there’s been another learning process involved. I'm in no rush to change. We offer a two- week test ride thru our demo program, so you can see and feel why we are the best choice in a new saddle! Simplifies my day and is especially handy when travelling on bike trips. Editorial, They cost a bit more, but it's well worth the money., whether on the bike or off. To accept cookies continue browsing as normal, or view our privacy policy to find … Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant cover. Recently they reissued the flite (now called the 1990 - God am I that old? The … Specialized informed me of the Power Arc as well, but when they mentioned it works well with thick thighed individuals, I knew it wasn’t for me. I just wear my day to day underwear which are synthetic boxer briefs, but on the looser side. Our test saddle came with a 155mm in width, which is wider than the most other contenders in our test group. Ask shop staff, whether a Specialized dealer or not, about their options for seats. How to find the right saddle. 75 degree is too steep. This is the Phenom and it wasn't designed with a focus on women. cool review. Our testers think that this is a very comfortable saddle. This strange looking thing is the most comfortable I've ridden so far. I also care less for looks and favour function, so I gave it a go. Yes). Saddles. Not needing to deal with bike diapers. Specialized recommends that this model be set up 3cm farther back than you would set up a standard length saddle. Options for mountain bike fit have come a long way and continue to change. Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning. They've always bent or broken too soon for me. Each side is adjusted independently, so if one shoulder is larger than another, you can still fit your horse, unlike other adjustable systems. Scarring, numbness, restricted blood flow—all problems to solve. Advantages? The Specialized Saddles International (English) saddle is a close contact English-style saddle built on our patented 3D Fit system. Hunt high and low. Comfort is king for me but there’s obviously more to it. Use My Location or; Enter Address or ZIP Code. The Phenom in 143mm features a nose that’s on the longer side and a groove to a cutout in the centre. The Specialized Saddles Trailmaster Saddle is a great all around saddle for trail riding or endurance riding. US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop Dear Uncle Dave: How do you Keep a Secret Bike, Secret? Tags: couldn't agree more. ... Elite Shop (not mandatory) Roval Wheel Retailer (not mandatory) Specialized … Your local dealer will be happy to help you find … Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. I've since branched out and have 3 different brands/models that work for me. I was fitted to my road bike with the Specialized kit and for me, a 74 seat tube angle but a 25mm rear set post head just gave me the “correct” fit. THE PERFECT REFLECTION OF YOU. More information on the Specialized Body Geometry System and saddles is available on their website. I am currently riding a 131mm saddle (selle italia slr) and I feel like it's too narrow. For those who stopped using padded shorts, what was the advantage you noticed? Share this If you haven't tried them, don't go bashing chamois shorts. Options that have a thicker cushion and those that don’t. Specialized Power saddle Read more: Specialized S-Words Power Saddle review The Specialized Power was the saddle that kicked off the short and stubby trend that has since seen just … To meet the needs of Endurance Riders and Trail and Gaited horse owners who want to achieve better saddle fit, we developed our 3-D patented fitting system that allows you to easily adjust all three dimensions of fit (width, angle, and arch) without any tools! No lotions or potions to lube the bike diaper, etc... Never forgetting them or running out of clean ones on a trip. Specialized only gives good pricing to those dealers that hawk all their crap. We recognize that a new saddle is a major purchase and we want you to get exactly what you want. It turns out there’s more involved than knowing your measurement. I remember when saddles with a cut-away were considered "women's specific", or at least I thought they were. Filter stores by. This is achieved not only thru adjustable saddle fit, but also the special closed cell foam fitting cushions actually mold to the shape of your horses’ back and cushion the movement of the horses’ shoulders as he trots and gallops. I will agree with you that <$100 chamois suck. Specialized … As a horse develops their body changes. Despite being force-fed the process early in my involvement with bikes, I never acted on it. I don't miss anything about the many years I wore all the obviously bike specific gear. I tried a lot of saddles and a lot of bike diapers without great success. We assembled a group of medical professionals and developed the first Body Geometry saddle … Specialized Saddles calls the International Endurance Model a"Hybrid Endurance Saddle with English Styling. Lifting this light saddle onto your horse is almost effortless! I think we have all read that steeper seat tube angles are more efficient but I’ve never read why it is so. It's definitely worth hunting down a great saddle as it makes all the other comfort solutions unnecessary. SADDLE: Specialized Comp Road, full padding: SEATPOST: Specialized carbon wrapped, two-bolt clamp, 27.2mm: BRAKES. Almost. Those stupid hard, sharp sides need to go! We’ve combined over 20 years of Body Geometry experience with Retül, the world’s largest database of rider fit, and bleeding-edge material science to create the greatest combination of performance and comfort ever seen in a saddle… We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Its base is also softer. When it comes to butt/saddle discomfort the folks with the bike diapers are not any happier than those folks I know who don't wear them. S-Works Power Mirror Saddle ride review This fancy tech sounds fabulous on paper, but you can never tell how a new saddle is going to ride until the first planting of one’s arse atop the saddle. Once you have perfected your fit using our patented 3D-Fit System, you don’t want to distort your handiwork with a lumpy saddle … Before jumping on a bike with a longer rear-centre and steeper seat tube angle, I would aggressively shift my weight up the nose when climbing. October 6, 2020 Dan Cavallari. Which works best? Crest Ridge Endurance Saddle Starkville, Mississippi 39759 USA Crest Ridge - Ardent Series - 15 inch seat, 7.5 inch gullet - Tan, black, brown $800 For Sale Item ID: 563188 They've got a selection of well-designed stock footbeds, full-fledged custom moulded options, grips, and seats. I don’t like to feel like I’m sliding forward. Google came up with a recommendation to add between 20-30mm to the sit bone width to calculate the saddle width. After developing this patented 3-D fitting system David Kaden, and his wife Tracy Webb, went on to win four National endurance championships on multiple horses. Not sure what to say about wanting to ditch a chamois so much. My package didn't work for me, Lululemon athletic does though. We can even mail you a sample leather tooling ring. Specialized's Power saddle with Mirror Technology is the most comfortable saddle I've tested. Find a Retailer; en. Patented Body Geometry design is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries. As far as type of underwear, the leader, bar none are Saxx/2Undr/MyPkg and the like - they keep your man bits all nice and tucked in, and are super comfortable. SADDLE FINDER WOMEN’S SADDLE TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED WITH ERGONOMIC EXPERT DR. ROGER MINKOW M.D., OUR BODY GEOMETRY WOMEN’S SADDLES WERE DEVELOPED WITH DATA FROM … It sounds like the specialized saddles are finally coming into their own. I’ve never ridden a road bike. Size 143mm / Weight 233g (Power), 248g (Phenom), Size 155mm / Weight 235g (Power), 254g (Phenom). I always resented having to fill our shelves with a bunch of specialized branded crap and then not have room for accessories and clothing from companies that "specialize" in what they do. Ensure your saddle is horizontal. Copyright© 2000 - 2019 Specialized Saddles. Agreeeeee! This time I opted to try the Phenom saddle. Our patented technology has helped make horses more comfortable. Find a Retailer; en. But it comes at a price most can't afford. Phenom, But during long days riding it would cause some mild discomfort. When I used to work in shops they were heavy and ugly (bad combo's). Learn more at www.Specialized Try and find a store that will allow you to test multiple versions, after finding what your measurements are. Chromoly, please. That can get expensive so now that I have 3 good options I pretty much just stick with those and figure if they ever stop making them I'll have a few spares so I can find another option to replace the defunct saddle model. In this video we will show you how the Specialized Saddle Finder will help you find the cperfect design for you. It’s something that Specialized mentioned they’re working on but at this point don’t assume any store selling Specialized seats will allow you to demo them on the trails. It makes it appear like there's more padding. The Power saddle has a “stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day efficiency.” Stiff and all-day efficiency aren’t elements I typically seek. I have three of them and an sdg falcon that is a surprisingly great fit. Lightweight, durable, and hollow titanium rails. While the Specialized site still titles their choices traditionally (road, mountain, man, woman, etc), Garrett noted that they’ve found there to be no real split between disciplines or sex. Visit our Video Learning Centerfor other videos specific to your needs. Some bike shops and Specialized dealers offer help with this, providing customers with the choice to test saddles on their bike. Even the short length hasn’t been a concern, though it may be worth considering your bike’s geometry and riding habits before diving into something like the Power saddle. It’s taken me almost two decades to find that primo fit. The aggressive XC fit is one extreme whereas the super upright freeride fit is the opposite end. Knowing your measurements or getting professionally fitted at a dealer isn’t enough, though. Bikes are more capable than ever and thanks to Enduro, we have long-legged weapons that can comfortably pedal all day. Standard Trail Fenders can easily be added to or changed on any Specialized Saddles model. Spesh makes great saddles. Early last year I spent some time on a seat with a cutout in the centre. If you need to make adjustments after intitial set up, click here for our video on further adjustments. Specialized Bicycles Retailer - FINGER LAKES RUNNING COMPANY at 215 E State St in Ithaca, New York 14850: store location & hours, services, holiday hours, map, driving directions and more jury is out on which i like better, great saddles, perfect width for me. Seats with colours that match the bike. The Power saddle has a larger cutaway that runs right up the nose and a flatter top. Posted in: My seat size is 143mm and I’ve had good, though not perfect experiences on seats at this size. Discussing this with Specialized Body Geometry Product Manager, Garrett Getter, I was made aware of a number of these. Hunt high and low. Specialized Saddles was created to solve the problem of getting good saddle fit on any horse and to create a saddle that is really comfortable for the rider. You can also download our quick start guide PDF here. So, solve we did. For 20yrs my bike weak spot was my butt to saddle interface. To some these may be obvious but I didn’t realize how drastically the often subtle variations can affect comfort. We can send you a saddle pre-fit ready to use, if you use our new fitting kit option. US: English; Change region; Sign in; shop But the … But now it’s different. Cromag saddles hurt. It's nice to be able to ride in "regular" clothes and do my pre-/post-ride activities without having to change out "bike" gear. Saddles were notoriously uncomfortable, and as research showed in the ‘90s, they were causing actual medical issues. Recently I discovered my approximate sit-bone width and followed online prompts for a seat that I thought would be sweet.